Eye Floaters

New Treatments for Eye Floaters

Floaters are a common nuisance, and for some they can become debilitating. Yet, there is a lack of available treatments for floaters which are effective and without side effects. We'll look at the approaches already available and why many people avoid them, as well as how science is developing new approaches which avoid the harmful side effects. We'll also examine the research on nutrients which target floaters, potentially removing the need for surgery. Table of Contents Introduction What are eye floaters? What current treatments exist? New Treatments Nutrition Low dose atropine eye drops Experimental Treatments Gold-coated Nanoparticles Optimised laser vitreolysis:...

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Can Eye Floaters Be Removed? Surgical & Non-Surgical Options

What are eye floaters actually caused by? Can they be removed? In this article we review the current literature examining potential treatment options for eye floaters, both invasive and non-invasive, and their respective success rates. We weigh up the pros and cons of each treatment option and the factors which may come into your decision. Finally we conclude with some simple, actionable steps you can employ that may improve your floaters before you consider going 'under the knife'.

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Finlay Yates

"I cured my floaters": Floater success stories and what we can learn from them

If you experience floaters, the dark squiggly shapes that float around your vision, you might have wondered how to get rid of them. The internet hosts hundreds of tales of different mixtures of vitamins, fruits, drugs, or life style changes that may have helped somebody somewhere cure their floaters. We took a look at some of these claims alongside the latest research to see if any of them are backed by science. Table of content Introduction What are Floaters? The Causes of Floaters A Deeper Dive into "Success" Claims Nutrition Exercise Heat Treatment Atropine Acceptance Conclusion Academic References Table of...

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Brian Kwizera

Eye Floaters and Menopause: Is there a link?

Menopause is something that half the population will experience as they age, and can have affects all over the body. You may have wondered if menopause will affect the health of your eyes. We've gone through the latest scientific research to determine whether conditions such as dry eye disease, glaucoma and floaters could be caused by menopause, and how to protect your eyes throughout menopause. Table of Contents Introduction What Is Menopause? What are Eye Floaters? Can Menopause Cause Eye Floaters? Does Menopause Affect Your General Eye Health? What Can You do to Protect Your Eyes During Menopause? 1. Get...

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