Eye Floaters

Theia Bio Research

Can Stress Cause Eye Floaters?

Stress has been linked to accelerated ageing and increased risk of disease. What does this mean for the health of your eyes, and could it stress floaters? We take a look at the science on stress and its implications on eye health. Table of Contents Introduction What Happens to Your Body When You're Stressed? Stress and Health Does Stress Damage Your Eyes? What Are Eye Floaters and Could They Relate to Stress? How to Manage Stress 1. Talking to people 2. Exercise 3. Meditation and breathing exercises 4. Stop taking stimulant drugs 5. Seek a mental health professional How to...

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Finlay Yates

How to Reduce Floaters Naturally: Science-Based Tips

If you experience floaters - irritating shapes that dance around your vision - then you've probably heard tales of natural cures. In a sea of anecdotes and misinformation, we've picked out and analysed the scientific facts to determine if there really are natural treatments for floaters and how you can protect your eyes from further damage. Table of Contents Introduction What Are Eye Floaters? The Causes of Floaters How Changing Your Diet Might Decrease Floaters Nutrients that protect against floaters Can some foods break down floaters? How To Manage Your Relationship With Floaters Conclusion Introduction You might be worried about...

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Oxidative Stress & Antioxidants: Links to Eye Floaters and Disease

Is oxidative stress damaging your eye health and causing eye floaters? Modern life is full of triggers of oxidative stress, which might be the underlying cause of your health conditions. In this article we take an in-depth look at its biological processes on a cellular level, its causes in everyday life, such as diet, smoking, and UV, and its impact on your body as a whole and eye health in particular. We also look at whether oxidative stress can cause eye floaters and provide some actionable tips to reduce oxidative stress.

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